How to own your very own piece of nV

To be clear, although it should be acutely obvious, nV Victoria Vitalie designs do not come off an overseas manufacturing production belt.  All garments and accessories are crafted individually by human hands, in a local San Francisco studio where personal care, attention and artistry is given to each detail. By owning a piece of this boutique collection, you also are guaranteed to never see yourself walking down the street, at a club or restaurant, or entering from across the room.  What you will be guaranteed however, is spinning a few heads, and starting a few hearts pumping….pumping with nV and desire that is.

All nV Victoria Vitalie designs are timeless and you will be investing in a cherished, unique extension of your personality, as a matter of fact, you may even own a one-of-a-kind, because all designs can be customized to your bespoke liking just for the asking.  This is craftwork at its purest evolution.  So if you don’t particularly car for the color or type of fabric pictured on the site, simply send a request and let us know what you’d prefer. Or if you’re a man and want it scaled accordingly, happy to *werk* it!  Now if you’re comfortable, we invite you to open a dialogue here with this simply profile template below, we’d love to get to know you better and start a long-lasting nVious relationship.

But of course, if you simply wish to place an order in click-to-buy hush-tones, we’re happy to work that way too. Simply identify the piece you wish to own by the associated tagline, and submit via the link below.  You’ll receive a confirmation and payment and shipping form.

Be bold; be brave; be true; be nV’d; be you.

Submit inquiries and order requests to:

vitalie@vitalie.com  or  orders@vitalie.com