“Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.”


Victoria Vitalie merges her background in theatrical dance, with her ferocious design genius to create some of the most impressionable garments and illusions for stage performers, or anyone who just wants to make a stage-worthy entrance. Why bother showing up for the party if no one notices you’re there? Foremost to Victoria’s drive of inspiration is her curiosity of the perverse. She designs clothes offering a virtual circus of cathartic combustion. Victoria revels in exploring and exploding open sexual tensions through her provoking designs, though never lacking a heavy dose of whimsy and a tongue-in-check perspective. Strong statements need not be void of humor, and she possesses zero tolerance for those who take themselves, or their clothes too seriously.

nV Victoria Vitalie …Designs for those who dare

Designer and stylist offerings and project overviews:

Specialties include replicating or re-envisioning styles (vintage or current) and creating figure flattering illusion attire. Stylist services and personal shopping offered for street, day, evening, office, stage, fetish, photo op or intimate occasions. Victoria is also available for custom interior design assignments, re-vamping personal wardrobe consultations, creative event production and entire makeover wonders.There are vastly more designs of past and present than what appear on this website, but like all pleasurable teases, it’s meant to draw you in and make you beg for more.

Don’t be shy, try it on for size — its yours for the asking @ vitalie@vitalie.com